How To Get Rid of Acne Fast With 9 Easy Tricks


Ways to get rid of acne can often be challenging or it can take time to show its effect. Well,  what are the ways of getting rid of acne at home fast without using chemicals?

Acne is the most common skin problem. Causes of acne a curious question. Particularly under stress, the more pimples can appear at the very least. Although home remedies for acne treatment are varied, in some cases their effects may change.

Is there acne remedies that work at home without resorting to expensive drugs? Of course, there is. Many nutrients in nature can be more effective than chemicals. Here are ways to acne treatments that work, which can be a solution to your intractable pimples:


Aspirin is one of the cheapest and fastest home remedy for acne. You can easily apply because it can be found everywhere. Soften an aspirin by adding three spoons of water. Soak up the mixture in the spotty area and leave for 30 minutes. After drying and self-pouring, clean with a cotton pad and rinse with plenty of water.

2-Aloe vera

As always, aloe vera is one of the most effective ways of skin problems. Aloe vera puts pressure on your pimples and protects the fat balance by removing excess oil from your skin. Thus, it relaxes your skin.


If your acne appeared suddenly and you are looking for a fastest home remedy for acne, toothpaste is exactly what you’re looking for. When you put toothpaste on the spotty area before starting your makeup, it will be effective. But if you want a more effective result in the way to get rid of acne, you need to put toothpaste on the spotty area before sleeping. When you rinse in the morning, you will see your pimples descend.


Cucumber, especially the main material of skin masks. Thanks to the vitamins contained in your skin will cause the landing of fried pimples. After grating the cucumbers, add a few drops of lemon juice and rub the acne. Rinse with plenty of water after a maximum of 15 minutes.

5-Honey and cinnamon

Honey is a natural antibiotic, one of the most effective ways to get rid of acne. Moreover, because it adheres when you rub it on your skin, it also cleans the dirt on the skin and opens the pores. If you apply cinnamon with honey and apply it on your face and wait 10 minutes, it will work. Use warm water to clean.


Garlic has high antioxidant properties but also has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-virus properties. For this reason, it is one of the acne treatment that actually works.

There are two ways to get rid of your pimples using garlic. First, take care to consume garlic. Thus, garlic not only your skin but also your blood will prevent the formation of acne. The other way is to rub garlic a few times a day on acne. If your skin is sensitive to garlic, you can add water to the garlic you crush.

7-Natural water

One of the most effective and healthy ways to get rid of acne is to consume plenty of water. The skin is less tired with toxins that are more easily removed with water. Thus, it prevents the formation of pimples.

8-Sea salt

The positive effects of salty water on acne is one of the ways to get rid of acne. Acne and pimples dry when in contact with water. So often swim will be good for your acne. When you return from the beach, always support with moisturizing creams.

9-Never squeeze your pimples

If you are looking for ways to acne treatment that actually works, the first thing you should do is to never squeeze your acne. Most of the time the acne squeeze is fun and necessary, but it is the most inconvenient and bad way to get rid of the acne. Because when you squeeze your pimples, you create more inflammation in the region and this inflammation will leave traces in time and cause the formation of other bacteria in the area. This increases your pimples.

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